2023 CH4PEAK Update

CH 4 Peak Challenge Community,

Over the last several years, we have been honored to serve our community through the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge. As you know, the CH 4 Peak Challenge is so much more than an athletic event. It truly is a community event – an opportunity for individuals to spend the day connecting with each other while enjoying the wonderful trails the Northwest Valley has to offer.


And each year, the CH 4 Peak Challenge has grown and grown…in fact, last year’s event was our largest ever! This would not be possible without the amazing support of our participants, volunteers, sponsors, and the community as a whole. Thank you so much for your support and participation.


However, as the CH 4 Peak Challenge has grown, so have the demands on our team – which is made up entirely of volunteers. While we are thrilled with the success of the event, it has outstretched our resources. After the event in 2022, we have been meeting as a team and considering how to move forward.


With that in mind, we have decided to “pause” the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge for 2023. We will not be holding the event this fall, and we will instead use this time to brainstorm possibilities for something new in 2024. We realize this is disappointing news for many, and we will absolutely keep you posted as we determine possibilities for the future.


Again, thank you so much for supporting our event through the years. We are so grateful for you.



The Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge Team

Last Chance Registration is over. Registration is now CLOSED.



4 Peaks, 12 miles, 1 day.


½ Marathon

13.1 mile trail run


22 mile trail run





2022 Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge

The Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge is an opportunity for you to challenge yourself, your family, and friends to a non-competitive day of hiking in the Northwest valley by conquering four mountains, covering 12 miles!

Want to compete? Register for the Half Marathon or as an ELITE

Returning this year are our 13.1 mile trail run, covering 3 peaks and 22 mile trail run, spanning all four peaks! Both events are timed and awards are presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Finishing times will be published!

Hang out after to enjoy food and fun!

Want to help? Join the ranks of the CH4Peak Challenge!

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