Begin your adventure at the church campus and head West along the north side to West Wing Mountain. Cross West Wing parkway at the 4-way stop onto High Desert to the trailhead at the corner of Herrera. There will be an aid station just before you begin to head up the hill.  Start up the hill and at your 1st junction, turn left to the saddle and continue up to the top. Smile for your picture. Continue down the rugged backside of WestWing Mountain.  As you begin to wrap around to the front, instead, make a hard left and here is where you start your trek to EastWing Mtn.

Follow the trail markers to the fence line on the North side of Rock Springs community. There will be a patch of rocks to navigate, but there will be markers too! Continue to 75th Ave and follow the markers to the back side of EastWing Mtn. When you join the path, stay to the right until you get to the ‘difficult to Top’ marker and head left. Smile for a pic before heading back the same way you came. 

Once you’ve made your way past the last yard along the fence line and up the slight incline, follow the markers over the flat desert – you won’t be running the south side of West Wing Mountain this year!!  Run towards the houses of West Wing, following the pink markers between houses and through a narrow trail just past a cul de sac to High Desert Road.  Turn left along the street for about ½ a mile; there will be police assistance to cross at the lights at High Desert and WestWing Blvd by the Community Center.  Turn right on the side walk and when you reach the grass field, cross over towards the SunRise Mountain Trail Head to begin your last mountain!

Start heading up the hill. The route on this hill is different than previous years.  Make sure to follow the pink markers!  At the 1st fork in the road, turn right and run around the backside of the 1st hill.  Head up the trail to the 2nd hill – again – following the markers.  There are lots of ways to go and we don’t want you getting lost.  After making the climb to the top of the summit, head down the hill to the saddle and continue south, along the ridgeline to the 3rd hill.  Just before the 3rd hill, take the trail to the right.  Run around the hill (path is narrow) to the new trail heading into the bowl to the right.  You’ll see an aid station at the bottom.  Catch your breath as you head down. Head through the valley and up the trail on the other side.  This is your last climb!  There’s a short ridge on the other side and it’s all downhill from here!  Follow the gradual downhill on the West side; turn right, continuing to head downhill!  There will be a left turn back onto trail you’ve already covered down to the saddle and on the southeast side of the last hill before the last ½ mile back to the church campus!! 

Note:  There will be aid stations with water, electrolytes, and snacks at each trailhead.  As well, there will be an aid station on the State Land on 75th Ave heading towards EastWing Mountain.  This year, there will also be an aid station in ‘the Bowl’ along Happy Valley Road before the last climb on Sunrise Mtn as you head back to the finish line.

Price of registration includes:

  • Long Sleeved Performance Shirt

  • Finisher’s Medal

  • Timing device

  • Food Wristband

  • Bragging Rights

1/2 Marathon registration is open to hikers, aged 14 and older and the course is closed after 6 hours.

Registration is

The 2022 CH4PEAK is a non-transferable, non-refundable, rain or shine event.

This link will redirect you to TheCHC.Shop, where you will complete your registration.

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